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For the first time !
Thursday, June 21, 2012 ? 0 FingerPrint ?

Assalammualaikum :)

Hey everyone!

I'm so sorry , it's not that i'm busy or what . I just.... yeah trying to get back my mood . My mood was missing for a few days and weeks maybe . And now im trying to catched it back but im still can't find it . Well semua orang cakap , life must go on ape ape pun . Yeah setuju sangat with that and i'm trying lah ni . Kenapa saya tak de mood ? Hmm there's alots of things i have to think . One of that it's about my feelings , i have to take care of my feelings too , it's not other's feeling je kene fikir . Come on , i don't wanna be so call as selfish . I'm not that type of human . In this world , i did sacrifies so many things termasuklah my feeling, the person who i loved the most , and others friendship . Semua aku kene sacrifies . Lama - lama aku yang gila kalau hari - hari macam ni  .

Now , i think i have to walk away from you . From the person who i love the most . Yeap ! It's hurt but i have to . Stay away from this fuck up things . Time - time mcm ni i need my friends ,  don't need more just them . To all my lovely friends , thank you for your support and advice :)

Thanks for reading :)

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